Monday, August 18, 2008

Tasting Session

Thus far, all posts I have made here have been about recipes that I have actually prepared and cooked myself. This is going to be the exception, well the first anyway. Since this is a blog about cooking to please, I thought it was fitting to include a post about cooking that pleased my palate.

My best friend works at a steak and seafood restaurant in Southern California and she invited me to a dinner that she won from a raffle among her fellow employees. She told me the chefs were going to make a few dishes and pair it with wine and we could hang out and chat, etc. I of course jumped at the chance – I love food, especially new ones I have never had and I love wine.

Nothing could have prepared me for that evening. It was seven courses! Everything ranging from chicken and waffles to a filet with fresh pasta and 99% pure cocoa for dessert (boy was that rich). I am not even going to try to describe each dish because I would screw it up and because I don’t have a single one of the recipes – instead I have included photos and hopefully in the future I will try to create some of these amazing dishes myself and include the wine of course!

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